Nano Technology

 Nanotechnology Research Lab.

In the coming decade nanotechnology will have an enormous impact. Advances in this field could change our approaches to manufacturing, electronics, IT and communications technology making previous technology redundant and leading to applications which could not have been developed or even thought of.

Our current research interests in NRL include synthesis and application of important functional nanostructured materials, visible-light-active photocatalyst, liquid arc discharge, gas sensors, graphene-based materials, electrospinning, biophysics, antibacterial nanomaterials and stem cells. 

Some of the equipments in this Lab are listed below:

Hot plate & magnetic stirrer;

Double water distiller;

Oven (0-300 oC);

PH/mV meter;

High current DC power supply;

Dip coater;

Chemical fume hood;

Muffle Furnace (0-1200 oC);

Spin Coater (0-22000 rpm);

High Voltage DC power supply (0-30 KV, 5 mA).