DC Magnetron Sputering

  DC Magnetron Sputtering

Cylindrical Geometry

Plasma sputtering is a well known technique for preparation of thin films on various substrates. In this method the atoms and clusters are ejected from the target’s surface by ion impact and deposited on the substrate. In our laboratory there are two cylindrical DC magnetron sputtering systems in both research and semi-industrial size. These facilities were designed and constructed in Plasma Physics Research Center in 2002

Systems properties

Research Scale semi- industrial
N2,Ar N2,Ar Chamber Gases
500mA 2A Discharge Current
5KV 5KV Discharge Voltage
400G 650G Magnetic Field Intensity


Flat Geometry

A flat DC magnetron sputtering system was designed and built in 2009. This system is used for sputter coating of different kinds of metals such as Ta, Ni, Ti, Al, Cu, Au... On various substrates. substratetempraturecontrolability to 500oC, gas mixer to control
the gas inflow were designed and added to this system