Electron Gun

Electron Gun

lectron beam can be produced in a number of ways, such as hot filaments,photoelectric emission / field emission / and etc..

We  have designed & built two electron gun systems, a cold cathode electron gun and a hot cathode electron gun. The main characteristic of our design comparison with similar systems is in  the simplicity, design structure, the relatively simple electromagnetic fusing tools & the uniformity of the electron beam.

Electron beam has many applications:

Lithography in microelectronic industry, harmful gas treatment (NOx, SOx), material surface improvement studies,...

 food industry and packaging, grocery products and agriculture, welding systems, melting and evaporating materials like Aluminum, Gold, Tungsten, Vanadium, Titanium & Zirconium, as well as sterilization of medical equipment...

• Cold Cathode Electron Gun

This device was designed and built by the research staff at PPRC in 2004. The device is capable of producing highly uniform electron beams of 1-100KeV energy and currents of the order of ten mA.

The electron beam is produced trough ionization of H and He. It is guided trough a set of electromagnetic lens system.

• Hot Cathode Electron Gun

This device was also built in 2004. Electron beams are produced in the conventional manner, using a tungsten filament.

Both devices are supported trough the same vacuum system and can operate individually and independently of one another, at any given time.