Ion Beam Implantation

  Ion Beam Implantation

Ion Implantation machine is one of the available advanced tool within the PPRC. It is utilized mainly in solid state physics & in plasma acceleration in order to study ion implantation in metals, semiconductors & the changes which have been brought about in their material and physical properties respectively

In this center we have the means to research and study surface conditions that result in positive effects on the growth layer (or the implanted layer). conditions such as toughening,formation of alloys within the lon-equilibrium phase since this is impractical under normal thermal conditions, research is also carried out in order to better understand and study the mechanical, electrical, thermal metal & ceramic corrosion through ion implantation

Another of our present aims in this facility is the advancement of the ion-implantation machine and the introduction of more ion
sources at higher energies in the ion implantation machine


Gases: Ar, N2, O2, CO2

Total currents in ions’ accelerators: 3-25mA

Ion implantation energy: 30KeV

Ion beam area: 250×110mm

Power: 25KW