Plasma Focus

 High Power PF

The PF laboratory, established in 2006 with the aim of research & development in fusion as well as recruitment and training of required manpower in the field. The Plasma Focus device is of the Mather type, which has a broard range of applications. The machine consists of three exchangeable vacuum systems with an operation within the energy range of 10-30 KJ.

Device Specifications

Chamber  Gas: N2, Ar

Maximum Voltage: 30KV

Maximum Current: 150KA

Capacitor: 8×7μF


Rogowski Coil

2× Magnetic Probes

Pin-hole Camera

Neutron Counter

Hard X-Ray Detector

 Integral HXR Detector


 Low Energy PF

 Designed and Fabricated in Plasma Physics Research Center

Chamber  Gas: N2, Ar

Maximum Voltage: 25KV

Maximum Current: 150KA

 Capacitor: 9μF