Tokamak IR-T1

 Tokamak IR-T1

In connection with Plasma and Fusion research, in 1994 a toroidalTokamak was purchased by IAU from China. IR-T1 Tokamak is an air coil stainless steel circular cross section chamber of ohmic heating discharge system. It contains several  magnetic and electric .probes for plasma diagnostics as well as optical diagnostics

The main topic related to plasma research program in IR-T1 is MHD activities, edge plasma physics and diagnostics development

Currently, there is an ongoing and well developed collaboration with the IAEA through the CRP agreement

IR-T1 Specifications

Area: 1.6 m2

Height: 2.5 m

Weight: 2.7 ton

IR-T1 Main Parameters

R= 45.00 cm

Ip= 20-40 KA

Bt= 0.6-0.9 Tesla

ne= (0.7-3)×1013 cm-1

a=12.50 cm

τd= 18-26 ms

Vloop= 2.6-8 v

Zeff< 2