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The Department, directed by Professor Mahmood Ghoranneviss, was established by  I.A.U Science and research branch in 1993, and includes some of the most advanced facilities of its kind. Our faculty members specialize in various field of science and technology-Namely Plasma Physics, Laser-Optics, Nano-Technology, Nano-Optoelectronics, Condensed Matter, Solid State Physics and ... . Our department consists of 28 staff members and 74 PhD students, and 1100 students that follow achelor and master degrees in Physics and Engineering Physics (laser , Plasma and Condensed matter.

Reserch by organized around following theme:

1. Magnetic Confinement Fusion (Tokamak, Plasma Focus)
2. Inertial Confinement Fusion
3. Laser applications ( Laser medicine, Laser ablation, …)
4. Surface Physics and Charged Particle Beams (Thin film structures, ion implantation, ion beam assisted deposition, …)
5. Nanotechnology applications (CVD , TCVD , PECVD , HFCVD , …)
6. Semiconductors
7. Optoelectronics
8. Biophysics and Plasma medicine
9. Plasma application in textile and polymers
10. Theoretical Physics ( Fundamental particle physics, Gravitation, Quantum field Theory and … .)

We are proud that our Department is one of the most prestigious Physics Departments in Iran with an outstanding reputation in research, undergraduate education and postgraduate training. Over all our aim is to have, and further establish, a vibrant and advanced research programme that provides a broad-based coverage of fundamental and applied physics, that strongly supports multidisciplinary collaborations and that actively fosters the development of new fields.We are committed to providing a positive environment that supports everyone in reaching their potential – and to be among the leading Physics Departments in Iran.